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The joining of mind to forge something real.” background=”http://www.ramitbatra.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/photo-1469461084727-4bfb496cf55a.jpg” background_position=”center” parallax=”1″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” opacity=”95″ fontcolor=”” align=”right” padding=”100″ margin_top=”” margin_right=”” margin_bottom=”” margin_left=”” custom_css=”” ]


Our work has been featured on several websites and in numerous international magazines and publication.

2016 – February

Interview with Creativity Magazine

2015 – September
Winner of Meta Photo Contest
Photo Publication Best Asia Backpacker Magazine, Issue #56
Photo & Text Publication;Best Asia Backpacker Magazine, Issue #56

2015 – July
Honorable mention in Silver Lining Magazine – The luxury travel magazine – Life Photography Contest[/ppb_content_half_bg]

[ppb_text size=”one” title=”Quote” slug=”” width=”70″ textalign=”center” bgcolor=”” fontcolor=”” padding=”40″ margin_top=”” margin_right=”” margin_bottom=”” margin_left=”” custom_css=”font-weight:300;font-size:22px;” ]“Just over a month into my trip and I wonder how I’ve changed, if at all. Certainly the experiences I’ve had and things I’ve seen have shaped me in someway. Maybe it will not be seen for a number of years. This adventure isn’t about change but it seems to be an inevitability.” 


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