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About Ramit Batra Photography

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phone : +91 987-106-0063
email: [email protected]

Ramit is committed to his art and passionate about
photographing his subjects in their natural ethos.

The most striking feature about Ramit’s photography is his attention to detail and his almost contagious energy when at a photoshoot.
He often acts in a sniper-like fashion (second shooters and some keen observers will agree) to quietly accomplish his primary goal:
to photograph without disturbing or directing.

Ramit graduated from the Army Institute of Technology
with a degree in mechanical engineering and directed his passion for technology towards making animated films with UTV Motion Pictures.
He spent 5 years in animation, film-making and photography.
He has conducted photography workshops for students across India.
Ramit has received numerous awards, and scholarships
throughout his career. In 2009, he started Ramit Batra {photography}
to take his commitment to his art to the next level.
Ramit combines his passion for details and his technical skills
to create a style of photography that is memorable for life.

"I thank you for spending time at my website. If you like my work
or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me."

~ Ramit

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