Destination Wedding Photography - Al Bustan Palace, Muscat - Ramit Batra - Wedding Photographer based out of India
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Destination Wedding Photography – Al Bustan Palace, Muscat

Destination Wedding Photography – Al Bustan Palace, Muscat

It is indeed every bride’s dream to have a wedding at a destination of their choice. Having a Beach wedding is a dream come true. But Having a beach wedding in a place like Muscat – is really a fairy tale! And if that’s not enough, Let’s bring a Ritz Carlton property – the oh-so-awesome Al Bustan Palace on the platter!! The land of Coffee, Dates, & Sheesha, endless blue-green seas & white sandy beaches, rocky cliffs & the most beautiful mosques, add to it the brilliance of a luxurious property & fabulous service. The experience takes your breath away.

It all started with the Bride & Groom’s friends’s flying down from various corners of the globe to be a part of this crazy-fun weekend. The Beach Pavilion at Al Bustan Palace was the host to the most awaited Youngster’s party, especially after the Gatsby-Style cocktail in Delhi!! (Click to see the Pictures & Film Here)

Ok Back to Muscat. 🙂

Everyone (including ‘young’sters of all ages) let their hair down with Micah and Reuben doing an brilliant fusion electronica. And there I was, atop everything, capturing happiness, joy and mirth at its best.) The parents had their long pending rendezvous, a treat to capture. With our trusty drone flying over-head in ‘extremely windy’ conditions, I could see a wholesome panoramic view of the most awe-striking venue, and the reverberating energy.

The Mehendi & Sangeet evening with Bhavya Pandit’s melodious renditions of some of the best of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s bollywood songs was a brilliant start to the evening. After the Bride’s mehendi was complete, the Bride & Groom’s friends started to unravel the funniest secrets of the couple’s courtship. Their dates, bachelorette and bachelor parties, his proposal and her vanishing act, and how she turned it down – was hilarious! The dance performances by the parents, friends and other family members left me awestruck and I started to believe that ‘age indeed is just a number’. The amazing choreography by Divay – was nothing less than a movie sequence. The couple bounced back to the 90s with ‘chura ke dil mera’ (epic!!).

‘Can’t keep calm. Because… #Soodbar #Muscat wedding’ was all I could think of and that’s exactly what was circling my head all throughout the wedding day.

The Baraat was the most amazing moving-DJ-on-a-cart-with-a-cliff-backdrop. DJ Gaurav was spinning a mix of the most epic Punjabi, EDM & Bolly tracks. The coolest bride, the ‘wild one’ (as her friends like to call her) entered to groovy music with her troupe of family and friends creating a perfect mystery, dancing around the gorgeous bride.

Varmalas were exchanged, blessings given and the couple vowed to each other – a lifetime of companionship. The beach lit up with tiny lights, looked like a million stars had been sprinkled across the sea shore, to make the perfect setting for the feras. It was a surreal night. Beautiful décor and perfect execution by the Ritz Carlton – Al Bustan Palace team – Rahul, Deepa & Katrin. And of course the awesome wedding planner duo – Nancy & Kunal.

Close-family destination weddings are always a delight to be a part of. The love my team & I got from the couple – Nazuk & Vaibhav Sood and their families, is something we will always cherish. A big ‘Thank You’ to Mr. Bardeja for having us be a part of the celebration 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our 1920s Gatsby Film, Here’s our next video – the #soodbarmuscat wedding!

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