1920s Gatsby Style Cocktail - Photographs & Film #soodbar - Ramit Batra - Wedding Photographer based out of India
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1920s Gatsby Style Cocktail – Photographs & Film #soodbar

1920s Gatsby Style Cocktail – Photographs & Film #soodbar

What a Night it was. A 1920s Gatsby-Style Evening in New Delhi? ‘You got to be kidding’ said everyone who heard about it or saw the pictures. And then the most unbelievable bit – all the beautiful decor, the library, pillars, extravagant staircases, chandeliers & fountains – everything was created at a Farmhouse in Westend Greens – Just for One Night! It was a Wedding Photographer’s dream venue, and a Bride’s dream come true!

Vaibhav, the groom-to-be, was welcomed by Mr. Raj Bardeja (father of the Bride) and Uvraj Bardeja (Bride’s Brother), with a customary tilak & chanting of mantras. Nazuk, the bride-to-be, arrived in style with her sister & walked the staircase with her father on her side, holding her hand, with ‘The Book of Love’ by Peter Gabriel playing in the background, making all eyes turn to them, in the anticipation to what was to come. And what a surreal sight it was. The whole atmosphere, quite goosebump-y (in levels of awesomeness!)

It was an ecstatic & emotional moment, when Mr. Bardeja gave Nazuk’s hand in Vaibhav’s, I can’t even imagine the thoughts that must be going through his head at that time. With a Kiss, Vaibhav took her on the Grand Stage. Vaibhav’s friends & brothers played a quick one on on him – with the ‘missing ring’ hoax. It was more funny because that was something which could have ‘actually’ happened, from the stories I had heard about his crazy buddies. Rings were exchanged 🙂 And the Oscar Jazz Band (OJB) took over the evening with their thrilling Sax & Trumpets, savvy Guitar & Drums and sassy Dancers (oh yes!!). It was the perfect set to film a blockbuster film – like ‘The Great Gatsby – The Roaring 20s’ if it had to be remade in India. With the Pack-of-Cards Bar supplying endless amount Champagne, Beer, Wine & you-name-your-poison… #enuffsaid

At midnight, the theme changed from Classical Jazz to Contemporary Bollywood Rave! With Benny Dayal and his signature ‘Badtameez Dil..’ every soul was on the dance floor. After a dozen hip-shaking songs & a brilliant performance by the russian dancers from OJB, the night slowly moved to EDM by DJ Gaurav Malvai. The #soodbar #delhi party went on till the wee hours, and we did get to see the sunrise after a long time. 😉

Watch the Film and Pictures below. Let us take you back to the fun #soodbar #delhi evening-night-and-morning:

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Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_03 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_02 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_01Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_05 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_07 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_09Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_12 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_13 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_14 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_15 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_19 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_16 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_17 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_23 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_24 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_25Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_20Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_29 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_32 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_35

Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_08 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_10Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_37 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_42 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_38

Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_47 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_52 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_50 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_49 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_48 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_41 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_54 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_56 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_58Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_57Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_63 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_64 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_66 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_67 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_68 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_69Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_70 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_71 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_72 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_73 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_74 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_76 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_77 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_78 Gatsby-Themed-Cocktail-Delhi-by-Ramitbatra_81

Watch the sneak peek to the Oh-so-awesome #soodbarmuscat here!


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